Property Turnover Inspection Forms

Includes: Cleaning Checklist, Record of Property Condition Form, Partial Apartment Turnover Form, and Apartment Turnover Report - List of Charges

USE THIS FORM AS A GUIDE TO PROPERLY CLEAN YOUR APARTMENT FOR THE END OF YOUR LEASE: We fill out and sign this form at the move in inspection to verify you have received your apartment in a clean condition, line item by line item. Our contractors use a copy of that form to verify completed work by tenant and to perform additional work to restore the apartment to its original condition stated on the form at move in.
USE THIS FORM TO VIEW CLEANING AND REPAIR CHARGES: This form is used by our contractors to report the cleaning and repairs they performed to bring the apartment back to the move in condition. It lists the associated charges to be deducted from the security deposit and serves as a contractor punch list for non-tenant related maintenance.
USE THIS FORM TO IDENTIFY AND CORRECT DAMAGES CAUSED DURING YOUR LEASE TERM: We fill out and sign this form at the move in inspection to verify pre-existing conditions of the apartment. Our contractors use the filled out and signed form to note any changes in condition to the property before they start their repair work during the apartment turnover. They record the repair work they did on changed conditions on the Apartment Turnover - List of Charges Form.
USE THIS FORM FOR ROOM MATE AGREEMENTS FOR MOVE OUT: We encourage our tenants to use this form when their group decides to lease for another term but a room mate in the original group is being replaced by a new room mate for the next lease term. We inspect the property at the end of the lease term but do not perform cleaning or repairs as we would during a full turn over. It is impracticable because the apartment is still "lived in" so it is difficult to see what is under a bed or behind a poster. It is up to the current tenants to keep each other honest with their current room mates and prepare a clean and orderly apartment for their new room mate. Security deposit deductions for uncompleted tasks assigned to the tenant moving out will be assessed as it would in a normal turnover.